Monday, 27 January 2014

New Series Teaser!

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Writing truly is such an amazing journey. I love to see where my imagination can take me. I stretched myself as an author by writing my mystery series, Haunted by the Past. Now I intend to stretch myself even further. I am working on a new series of books which will involve a time travel element, but so much more than that. The research alone has proved fascinating! I have no idea where this journey will take me, but I am excited to find out. This one's going to be quite a challenge!
Don't worry, I am still working on Phoenix Rising. I have no idea which book will be finished first, but I can't wait to find out. Writing has become more and more of a love with every book I create. This new series has my heart pounding and my mind working overtime! I won't say more than that right now, but keep your eyes on my blog and Facebook pages. I will be posting news on both books as I work on them.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Shadow of Suspicion Book Tralier

Here is the book trailer for my new release. Enjoy!

Shadow of Suspicion Available Now!

I am thrilled to announce that the second book in my Haunted by the Past series is finally available to buy on Amazon Kindle and as a print edition.

This book has been a little longer in the writing, but the story is one I loved creating.

Here is the book synopsis:

A letter from the mother she’s never met catapults Callie Price on a journey to Devon. She yearns for answers that have always plagued her life. Why did her mother give her away when she was born and who is her real father? Things become increasingly complicated when a child begins to haunt her with deadly warnings and Callie finds her life in danger. The last thing she needs is an annoying sexy mechanic to add to her troubles.

Jason Hawkes’ life is filled with nothing but complications. His sister needs a firm hand. His father has invited his partner Sandra’s long lost daughter to visit, against Sandra’s wishes. Jason’s own relationship is steadily going to hell in a hand basket, and he has no idea how to fix it. The last thing he needs is a stuck up city, business woman thrown into the mix. To his horror, Callie turns out to be the long lost daughter Sandra doesn’t want to know. Could things get any worse?
When Callie’s life is under threat, she and Jason find themselves thrown together time and again. Can they unravel the mystery behind who is threatening Callie? And will they lose their heart to each other in the process? It will take all their courage and wits to find the dark truth that lies within the shadow of suspicion cast over their lives…………and time is running out!
To celebrate the second book's release, I am putting the first book up for sale. Hidden in Shadows will be available on for only $0.99 from 23rd - 25th Jan and for $1.99 from 26th - 28th Jan.
For, Hidden in Shadows is on sale for just £0.99 from 23rd - 28th Jan.
If you love Romantic Suspense with a little ghostly edge to it, you'll love these books.
Happy Reading Everyone!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Cover Reveal - Shadow of Suspicion

I am thrilled to be able to reveal the artwork for my new book, Shadow of Suspicion. It's the second book in my Haunted by the Past series. This story follows Callie Price and her journey to discover her birth mother and the reasons why she was given up for adoption when she was born. Things become a lot more complicated than she could ever imagine and her life comes under threat. It's a good thing she's met a sexy mechanic to help her out of trouble!
It's always fun to write a mystery, but it does take so much more planning and work to make sure every element is right. When I wrote the end of this book, I actually did have tears in my eyes at the perfection of the ending. I can't wait to publish it and see what all my readers think of this instalment of the series. I am hoping the story will keep you all guessing!
I am happy that I am working on editing the book now and am looking for a release date of Jan 23rd or 24th, so keep your eyes on this space.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Shadow of Suspicion Taster Excerpt

I am really excited to share a first glimpse of my new book, Shadow of Suspicion. It's the second book in my Haunted by the Past Series.

This book is rapidly nearing completion and I am hoping for a January publication date, so keep you eyes open.

I hope you enjoy reading the excerpt.

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Callie jumped violently as the van door opened and prince not so charming climbed back into the vehicle. “Ready to go?” he enquired.
“The sooner I’m out of your boorish company, the better!” she sniffed, her nose rising several degrees. He laughed, further igniting her ire.
He twisted the key in the ignition and the van roared into life. The man pulled his seatbelt around his body and clicked it into place. Callie would have dearly loved to strangle him with it.
As he pulled slowly onto the road, she glanced back at the layby through the large wing mirror on her side of the van. Her heart skipped several beats and she stared in shock.
Standing in the middle of the layby was the girl. Even though the rain poured down around her, it didn’t seem to touch the child. Callie shivered. Was it her imagination or did the rain actually pass through the girl? Even though she knew it was impossible, Callie was sure the girl’s eyes clapped onto her own through the mirror. She could sense the intensity of the child’s stare. A deep sense of foreboding flowed through her body.
She snapped her eyes to the road ahead. It wasn’t possible that she’d seen anything. It was her imagination. Maybe this trip to meet her real mother was taking more of a toll on her than she thought. Callie dismissed the encounters as nothing more than her overwrought imagination.
Turn back………..before it’s too late.” The whispered words were soft, as if they’d been tossed on the wind. Callie shivered and drew her arms around herself.
The dark road sped past, carrying her towards her destination. There was no going back now!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy 2014 to Everyone!

We had some great fireworks in London to celebrate the New Year. They were truly awesome! It is hard to believe that a new year is already here. It feels like no time since the last one started. 2013 was a very exciting year for me, full of change. I realised my dream of becoming a published author and have three books to my name. I can't wait to continue with that exciting journey. I met so many wonderful people and this next year already promises to be even better.  
I wish everyone the very best 2014. I can't wait to see what this new year brings and to share it with all of you.