The Psychic Eye Mysteries

The Hindleford Killer - The Psychic Eye Mysteries Book 1

When Paige Saunders wakes up from a dark and terrifying dream, she knows it is no mere nightmare. For Paige is no ordinary woman. Born with a strong psychic gift, Paige can see deep into secrets and things others would rather she didn’t know. Having cost her dearly in the past, Paige has ignored her gift for five long years. Now her gift is speaking to her in ways it never has before.
With a dangerous serial killer on the loose in the nearby town, Paige is very much afraid she is being drawn into the investigation. Why does she feel a strong connection to the investigating detective? Why is her gift showing her the crimes of a sick and deranged man? She wants nothing to do with any of it……..then someone close to her dies.
With no seeming connection to the killer at large, the police are treating the latest death as a separate incident. Paige is the only one who knows the truth. The victim knew who the serial killer was and was silenced. Can she get Detective Steele to listen to her or will he dismiss her abilities as those of a charlatan?
With time running out, Paige knows she is the only one who can unmask the Hindleford killer before he strikes again…..  
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The Lost Children - The Psychic Eye Mysteries Book 2

With the Hindleford Killer safely caught, Paige Saunders struggles to put her life back together and return to normal. At least normal for her. Then strange things begin to happen. A tune that nobody knows haunts her, the sobbing of a child echoing in her mind, and her gifts begin to stir in frightening new ways.  
When the remains of two children are found in a well in nearby Greenhaven, Detective Kieran Steele is at a loss. All evidence points to the children being murdered and dumped years ago, yet no report of them going missing can be found and no record of who they are. With no identity, there is no motive and no chance at solving the crime. Reluctantly, Detective Steele must once again turn to the one person he knows can find the impossible.
 Paige once again finds herself drawn into a complex case. With her gifts throwing up frightening new surprises and problems in her personal life, she struggles to find the answers. Can she find a child killer or is this one case that will remain forever unsolved?
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The Tangled Web - The Psychic Eye Mysteries Book 3

Detective Kieran Steele has been haunted by his sister's murder for fourteen long years. After making a promise to his mother that he would no longer pursue the case, he'd let it go and moved to Hindleford. Now he has the chance to finally find out who took his sister's life with the help of the one person he knows can find the impossible. It will require him facing his demons and his past one more time...
Paige has made a promise to help Steele find the answers he is desperately seeking, but she isn't sure she will be able to. Unexpected problems at home throw up a whole new and strange twist to her gifts. In a bid to get some distance from her troubles and to help Steele, Paige travels to London where the case of Stacey’s murder becomes more twisted and complex than she could ever have imagined.
With a dark web tangled over everything she can see, Paige must dig deeper than ever if she hopes to free them all from the evil that threatens to consume everyone she cares about and to finally discover the truth before it’s too late.
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Trial by Fire - The Psychic Eye Mysteries Book 4

Paige is still reeling from her last case with DI Kieran Steele. Things are still tense with her housemate Jeremy and she hasn't seen much of the handsome DI since they brought a terrorist group down. With so much on her plate, the last thing she needs is for her gifts to start speaking to her again. This time an arsonist is on the loose and for some reason Paige seems to be experiencing events as if she is the one doing them. The link she shares with the unknown individual becomes more and more disturbing.

Unfortunately for her DI Rik Hammond is on the case and her employee Harry is firmly in his sights as the perpetrator of the fires that have been springing up over the past few weeks in the surrounding area. Paige knows differently, not that the stubborn DI will listen thanks to his unwavering hatred of her and her gifts. She must fight to prove that Harry is innocent, but more disturbing problems come to light as her connection to the arsonist reveals a terrible truth… would seem simply setting fires is not the only thing on this person's agenda. There is a far more terrible reason behind the destruction. One she must uncover if she hopes to stop the dreadful events set to take place.  

Paige, Steele and Pip are against the clock and nothing seems to be going their way. The new DC on the team is firmly in Hammond's corner and seems to be working against them at every turn. With time running out, it will take everything Paige has to resolve this case. With clues in short supply, only her gifts stand in the way of Nemesis.....

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  1. I’ve read all three books in one night. (What’s sleep, right?). When will the next book be coming out? I love these books!!