Sunday, 8 September 2013

Quote of the Week

This quote really has helped me so many times over the last couple of months. As a new author striking out in the world of Indie Publishing, there have been times when I almost felt like giving up! I am probably not the only one.
If you are a new author also starting out on this road, I'd love to hear from you. It can be really daunting at times, especially when you are learning so many new things. I have been lucky enough to connect with other authors who have helped me, none more than my dear friend Peggy L Henderson, who has been a God send! I truly think I may have thrown in the towel without her wise, kind words and total support!
I have learnt a lot and am excited to keep on with the journey. Every day is a new challenge and a new adventure. I have always wanted to have a career as an author, but had no idea how much went into it. I honestly thought all you had to do was write the book and put it out there. Wow, was I wrong. Suddenly a whole new world loomed up in front of! Brrrr! Who knew there was so much to learn about it? And I'm still learning!
But I wouldn't trade this for anything! I have to say being an Indie Author is the best! I almost went down the publishing route, but I eventually decided against it. I love being able to pick my own covers, publish my books when I want to and have total control over the content. There is nothing like it.
So this quote is dedicated to all authors everywhere, especially the new ones, who like me, are working hard at realising their dreams. Don't give up!

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