Thursday, 12 September 2013

Hidden in Shadows - Book 1 Haunted by the Past Teaser

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That evening a new edition had been added to the For Sale sign that hung outside the old Millington House. It swung happily in the wind, creaking away its announcement to all who wanted to know. The old house had been sold.

One set of eyes upon its declaration were less than happy at the news. The figure moved between the shadows of the trees, crouching into the bushes as it gazed upon the building, standing majestically in the overgrown grounds. A keening cry rose up from deep inside it, tossed into the wind to echo all around.

Would it never be free? So far, its secret had been kept, but for how much longer? If only that old fool hadn’t upped and died, leaving the house vulnerable. Now it had to watch and wait……..and defend. It would have to drive this new owner away, just like the last one. How it wished it could let go, move on. But it couldn’t. It had no choice.

Its secret had to be protected at all costs. It couldn’t afford to let anyone renovate that house. Not that one. The house knew too much.

The past must stay hidden……..

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