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My whole life I have been a romantic dreamer. I loved fairy stories as a child, everything with princesses and princes, magic and true love. As I got older, I found romance books and was hooked from the very first story I read, which I remember was by Johanna Lindsey called So Speaks the Heart. I cried so much when I got towards the end, especially when they finally declared their love for each other. I have never stopped reading romance since.

I dreamed of being an author of romance, but I never had a computer to begin to write. Instead, my working life ended up in an office, which I enjoyed to begin with but didn't feel stretched as a person. My creative side was very much neglected! I had many ideas for stories, but never seemed to get the time to really work on them. My life took many twists and turns, including meeting my own prince charming and getting married.

Finally, I bought my very own laptop and began work on my first book, Wild Fire. With great excitement and nerves, I completed the book and published it on Amazon Kindle. I have never been more terrified in my whole life, but so excited as well. Since then, I am now working on two other books, the Second in my Fairy Tale Match Series and the first in a Mystery Suspense Romance Series.

I have come to realise I still have much to learn. Writing a book is only half of the work an author does, but I finally feel I am on my way to making my own dreams come true. The most wonderful thing for me would be to be able to give others the kind of enjoyment and wonder with my books that I got from the authors I have read through my life.

This is an on going journey for me. One I look forward to sharing with those I am fortunate enough to cross paths with. I hope to be a help and inspiration to other budding authors, as well as getting to meet other people who love romance as much I as do.

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