Friday, 30 August 2013

New Series Teaser!

I am currently working on the first book in my new series called Haunted by the Past. I love the classic ghost stories, not the ones that are full on horror stories, but the ones that chill and thrill you. My series will have a ghostly element in each tale. This first book, Hidden in Shadows, will feature a house with ghostly residents!
My inspiration for this series partly came from one of my favourite TV shows, Midsomer Murders (still missing John Nettles!). In some of those episodes, there was a real spooky paranormal feel. Of course there was a human adversary, but sometimes the programme left you wondering!
In my book, the heroine is left in no doubt that she's bought herself a haunted house, rather like the one above, Image courtesy of Witthaya Phonsawat at, but in my story the house is Georgian, with sash windows and grand pillars on the front porch. My poor heroine thinks she is getting away to start a new life in Cornwall after a tragedy in her past. Things don't quite go according to plan!
She soon finds that ghosts are the least of her problems. There is someone, lurking in the shadows, that has a secret to hide. It's that secret that puts her life in danger...
I love a good mystery! If there's a ghostly chill as well, so much the better!

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