Monday, 19 August 2013

Cover Reveal - Forever You

Cover Reveal - Forever You

The Fairy Tale Match Book 2

I am really excited to reveal the cover for my new book, Forever You. I have now finished writing the book and it is going through the final stages of editing. Please keep your eyes open as it will be released within the next couple of days on Kindle and shortly after in paperback.
I really loved writing this book. The characters really stood out to me. Of course Lotta and Flo, the two fairy godmothers from Wild Fire, are back working their magic to help another couple to a happy ever after and of course, the odds are stacked against them! Flo is also, as usual, driving Lotta crazy with her antics, but then it wouldn't be Flo if she wasn't!
This was so much fun to write, but as always, there were some scenes that needed a lot of thinking through. Some of the story went in a direction I didn't see at first, but it was perfect as the book contiued. I love it when characters tell me what they are going to do next and how their story should flow. It becomes fun for me as a writer to see where each person takes me. I love the journey!
Here is the storyline for Forever You:-
How can Fairy Godmothers help their charges find love in the modern world when nobody believes in magic anymore? Simple, they run a dating agency!
Erica Stone has been given the gift of flawless beauty by her fairy godmother. Unfortunately it has given her nothing but trouble her whole life. With the imminent release from jail of a man bent on revenge against her, Erica decides to run and hide. She chooses to use a dating agency in the hopes of throwing her enemy off her trail. She will spend three weeks in Italy, see how the land lies and walk away again, her fees and heart firmly intact. Only she doesn’t expect to lose her heart to the one man that doesn’t want her…..
Darius Valente has been in love with a woman he’s known since childhood, but she’s planning on marrying another man. In a desperate bid to change her mind, he joins a dating agency with one specific request. The woman sent to stay with him must be very, very beautiful. He’s determined to make his beloved jealous and win her heart. What he doesn’t count on is the feelings he begins to have for the feisty, ice queen that arrives on his doorstep…..
Flo and Lotta once again have to raise their wands and fight to help their charges to find love, as enemies close in and life hangs in the balance. When all seems lost, can they turn the black clouds of doom into a bright happy ever after?

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