Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hidden in Shadows Now Released onto Amazon Kindle!

I am so happy to announce that my new book, Hidden in Shadows is now available on Amazon Kindle and will be available in print form in the next few days.
This book has been a huge labour of love and a real enjoyment for me to write. I loved my main characters, Jenna and Kyle. It is really hard to leave them! I also fell in love with some of my supporting characters. I truly hope you enjoy reading this book.
It took a lot more time and effort to figure things out with this storyline, as it is my first mystery. Happy Reading!
Here is the synopsis for the story:
When she buys an old Georgian house, Jenna Mansfield thinks it’s the answer to all her prayers. She can start afresh away from her over protective family and the tragedy that led her to a nervous breakdown several years before. Ignoring the house’s reputation for being haunted, Jenna moves to Cornwall with high hopes for her future. The sexy builder she hires to renovate her new home captures her interest, but when strange events start taking place around her and rumours reach her ears, she is left wondering if her builder is harbouring a secret.
Kyle Tanner is furious when the house he wanted to buy and renovate to further his small building firm, slips through his fingers for the second time. He doesn’t expect the new owner to be interested in taking him on for the work, but she surprises him in more ways than one. Deeply attracted to his new employer, Kyle fights hard against the unwanted feelings she stirs in him and then the trouble begins.
Kyle and Jenna find themselves swept up in the mystery that surrounds Millington House and its ghostly residents. The past won’t stay silent and someone with a deadly secret lurks in the shadows. As events unfold, Jenna finds herself the target of a crazed killer. Can they uncover the truth before time runs out or will the past be forever hidden in shadows?

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