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Guest Author - Roshandra Simone

I am really pleased to interview Roshandra Simone as my guest author.

When did you start writing?

Seriously 2008, but i have naturally written all my Life.

 What’s the story behind your latest book?  

Alchemy is about two souls meeting due to a pathway that is similar.  Paths crossing so that something greater can occur that also is about love and karma to ‘meet’.  It is about the transmutation into the Alchemical changes of ‘gold’.  How ‘energies’ in one’s own aura reflects this chemical transformation of the spirit into the divine ethers.  She approaches this for enlightenment her thesis.  He approaches Alchemy for his escape into immortality. 
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?

When a ‘reader’ contacts me, when a book sells, when i know someone is actually reading my words and when the reader and i talk about the characters and the story.  I love that sharing.

What are you working on next?

Gothic Gates which i just launched the Short Story for Halloween for this series. 

Who are your favourite authors?

Jane Austen, Shakespeare, Keats, and Louisa May Alcott.  Toilken, R R Martin, Phillip Pullman ( The Golden Compass series) and C.S.Lewis.    I miss read this...i wrote this first LOL...I thought you asked me what are my Favourite book characters i wrote so far....So far in two books.  Novella Alleandrea, his Beloved is my Venus on a Half Shell.  I love this character, her world, mind and how her visions mixed with her feelings and her dreams are leading her to her Beloved.  The other character i just love is Dante’, a contemporary Goth that is Immortal that is in a world of the secret groups globally.  This character as i work with him further is so complex, dark light layered and of course in a Goth work which he has as his business franchise.   

When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?

I love art, theatre, reading other new authors, meditation, walking in nature, listening to classic music or jazz and horseback riding.  I love the Sacred mountains like Mt. Shasta draws me or the quiet forest with rivers or the ocean beach.

How do you approach cover design for your books?

Art and Character drives this.  I find or ‘buy’ an image that speaks to me or inspires me to be a visual doorway into the book story.  Now i do my covers immediately after the inspiration comes to me.  I feel my Book covers then ‘hold the idea’ of the inspiration and i am then ready to fill it with the writing.  I love designing the covers.

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?

I grew up in Chicago.  Church, Catholic grade school art was iconic and huge for me.  I also listened to Latin in the mass.  Even my penmenship was influence with a feeling of ‘writing’ and calligraphy.  Most of that really seemed to trigger my gifts of writing, articulation, and the ‘other worlds’.  Spiritual environments that are quiet or nature gave me this influence of the inner connection to the world of writing I would say.  I also day dreamed a lot so that was all part of it as well.

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?

I did a drama play in the backyard of my neighbourhood.  It was actually a young version of Taming of the Shrew.  It turned into a Punch and Judy puppet show.

What is your writing process?

Inspiration comes to me first of an idea or a character.  I then open up my lap top to let whatever that is ‘flow’.  I don’t think when i write and it sort of just comes in as a download.  I also put aside two periods a day for my alone time to follow up on new ideas or further current projects.  Two hours two times a day.  That does not count edit for completion of a book or blogging on it.

What do you read for pleasure?

The classics often, poetry, fairy tale myths with new twists, any kind of love story, mysteries, fan fiction, spiritual fiction/fantasy and historical nonfiction.  I also will get into reading up on a real historical character or spiritual / political leader.  Famous past artists, art periods, architecture and cathedral history also moves me into knowing them along with the complexity of the interchanging relationships of environment with persons.

 How much research goes into your books, and how do you tackle that?

I find myself doing research when i need to place my fictional characters into a location.  I always use real architectural buildings, will look up lay out floor plans for accuracy of my characters moving through a structure and i also look to the history of the period.  I research deeply into a background additional story for the reader.  I feel this makes my stories more ‘real’ and the reader can experience information that is factual.

Tell us a little about your writing style?

My writing style is highly romantic.  People say i write like an author of another time?  I also am writing with a distinct style that seems to trigger visions or energy for the reader.  People say it is very much of a magical feel and enchantment.  I would agree, this is how i feel when i am in my writing flow.  Do you plan and plot your stories, or do you just start writing them?  I never plan or write out a plot.  I allow it to guide me along with a key character.  I have had one character that came in a chapter of a previous book that just took me into ‘his story’.  That is my Book V and the Alleandrea novella.  I truly just let the ‘writing take over me’ with its flow along with how it makes me feel.   I trust that.  So far it has worked perfectly along with my enthusiasm as i ‘write’ i am too on the ride with the story.  I discover it as i flow with it.

 Have you ever had writer’s block? How do you deal with it?

Not really but editing block for sure.  I have had moments where it is a very emotionally draining story; i do have to step away from it to let it sit.  When i am feeling clear, I can be more the ‘observer’ to the process of character. 

Describe a favourite scene in your current novel? 

The Costes Boutique Hotel, where Astin takes Alexia for lunch on a rainy afternoon in Paris.  The hotel is original from the `1600’s in Paris, and it is reportedly a ‘vampire’ hang out with a lot of ghosts, movie media folks now, and very avant-garde clientele.  They go to enjoy lunch; they stay for an afternoon delight.  He orders three dozen assorted shades of red roses for her.  They are extremely spontaneous and playful.  They are exploring ‘trust’ now and a ‘red silk cord’.  She wears it out of the hotel the next day as a belt on her honey beige silk camisole as he smiles at her ingenuity.  I loved writing those three chapters on their intimacy and trust. ( I am not into bondage but this wrote in such a wonderful visual along with a playfulness between them) What is the best comment you ever received from a reader?   One reader told me she loved how i ‘wrote, how i described my characters lives and details.  She added that she loved my books so much it was opening up ‘visions’ for her so much she could feel the weather in the books.  She told me she would be buying ever book i write.  That made my day for an entire week.   The worst or weirdest? Lol, on fan fiction, i got slammed, omg.  She was so upset that i had the character with two females while she wanted him to be with the original one.  I got slammed with her anger, point of view and the way she wanted me to write what the story was.  I smiled a lot after reader how passionately she felt.  LOL   Oh, one other reader on fan fiction, said my synopsis sucked?  I wrote her back to dialogue which turned into a very nasty but interesting interaction.  So far in the book world it is going well on my readers, but in fan fiction i had a few bumps.  All part of learning about who is reading you and why.

What else do you have in store for your readers?

Le Club, a series of 4 Ace Cards that are light dark underworld fantasy love test series.  Including the Oracle’ is part of that.  I also have my original four books that is called, Of Her Journey, that is my leaving my marriage when a vision came to me in Spain.  I put this series then into a fictional character being guided to begin her spiritual journey and from Spain to New Orleans.  I liked this a lot.  I want to publish this too.

 How did you come up with the hero and heroine for your latest book?

I wanted to do a book on Alchemy. For some reason the male character seemed to be pronounced as he was in Paris exploring the secret energy doorways of the past Alchemist Nicolas Flamel from the 1400’s.   It began with a clear vision of his sitting in a dark shadow of the cafe awning as a weather front came in. He sat there observing this female in the evening dash between traffic coming to the shelter of this cafe.  He was hidden in the shadows there quietly observing her.  I realized as i wrote the opening first chapter the stage was set for their mutual paths crossing along with a love romance neither planned for.  Part of the journey along with the mystery of the events they would go through.  

Why are your hero and heroine perfect for each other?

Great question.  First because they are the same but different sides of one gold coin.  She is very much into her visions, her intuitive side while he is mysterious drawn back into his own shadow side as a way he functions with occult areas.  He also was not expecting her to fall into his hands or life.  She is extremely independent as well, but on her quest.  He is sensitive, well mannered, intellectually well educated, she is extremely bright, spontaneous, free-spirited, but grounded.  They are very well suited but different along with learning how to exchange, balance but be who each are, which is whole unto themselves. 

Do you plan several books ahead or do you work on one book at a time? 

I work on a variety of projects while also going into fan fiction at times.  Right now i have three main works in process.  Ideas come to me when i drive too on how to expand the book series.  I let my heart guide me though.  I can only write what inspires me and i feel in love with along with enthusiastic. 

I would like to thank Roshandra for doing this interview with me. Please see below for details of her book and links.

An Adventure Love series of ALCHEMY is about the GOLD that is activated within a person on a path of Enlightenment. The occult pathway was 'his' path to escape his family connections. He was working with Alchemy. She came to Paris to work on research for her PhD thesis on Alchemy as a Pathway of Enlightenment and spiritual growth. This mystery of the old 'Alchemists, Art, Ley Lines, and Secrets guided both of them. The Golden Ring is the first of the series and ALL THAT GLITTERS is not GOLD and all that GLISTENS is the GOLD WITHIN. This Love Story opens a Love story neither expected but that ALCHEMY of their karma brought them together. They both make discoveries from different angles and a romance love story unfolding. Roshandra warmly writing on

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  1. Gothic Gates - what a great read! I was quite surprised and unsure about what was going to happen next in the book. It had me enthralled – a beautiful journey. From a male point of view I loved this book. It was refreshing and a page turner. This was the first fiction book I had read in years. I started reading the book on my kindle and at 10% when she was going to the party and had to take her knickers off – I was addicted and wanted to know more…..!
    Two very powerful characters – a female and male connected maybe by more than just time and space. There is a lot more to going on as a back drop to the story and as you read deeper, you get little snippets revealing the powers of the occult power and darkness that sit at the fringes of this love story!
    I just bought Gothic Gates Venice part 2 as well as Roshandra’s new book Alchemy, the Gold Ring
    This book will inspire your imagination and energise you world!