Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Haunted by the Past - Teaser 2

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The village turned out to be really charming. Quaint cottages dotted the streets along with caf├ęs, shops and one or two restaurants. Jenna spotted a library and decided to pay a visit. Remembering her thoughts the day before, she wondered if there were any books on the history of her home. She would love to find reference to residents that had lived in the house before her. Particularly in the Regency period.
Excited at the prospect, Jenna entered the old stone building through double doors. The smell of books drifted to her nose immediately. She breathed deeply, loving the smell of the ink and paper surrounding her. It made her think of rainy afternoons curled up in her favourite chair with a hot drink and something naughty to eat, while she lost herself in another world within the pages of a book. Nothing in life could beat it!
Sighing blissfully, she glanced around her for assistance. Spotting the customer services desk, Jenna drifted over. She waited patiently as a young woman with coffee coloured skin and dark wavy hair served an elderly lady. The woman shuffled off and the librarian turned to her with a friendly smile. “Can I help you?” she enquired politely.
“Hi. My name is Jenna and I’ve literally just moved into a local house just yesterday. I was interested in seeing if there were any books on its history,” Jenna smiled at the woman, liking the twinkle in her dark brown eyes.
“Nice to meet you. I’m Tiffany,” she smiled back, offering her hand to Jenna. “Well you’ve come to the right place for information on the town. We have plenty of local history books. Which house did you move into?”
“Millington House,” Jenna replied. Tiffany’s eyes grew wide with shock and she gasped in surprise.
“No way!” she cried out, then clasped a hand over her mouth when several pairs of eyes glared at her angrily from nearby tables. Jenna grinned in amusement. The librarian flushed, mouthing an apology to the disgruntled patrons before turning back to Jenna. She lowered her voice. “You really bought that place?”
Jenna nodded, leaning against the desk. “Yep, I got it for a brilliant price at auction.”
“Whatever you paid was too much. Didn’t you hear about the stories of that house?” Tiffany asked in hushed tones, her face going very dramatic. “There have been so many ghostly sightings connected with Millington. It was such a surprise that someone bought it when it came on the market the first time. Nobody thought it would sell.”
She leaned forward, cupping her hand around her mouth as if she was delivering top secret information. “I must say, it was not a shock when it went back on the market. The Perkin’s couldn’t leave here fast enough! White faced with wide scared eyes. That’s what old Ned said when he saw them leave.” She shuddered as she said the words. “One has to wonder what they saw!”

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