Sunday, 8 June 2014

Update on Shadows in the Night

I will be releasing the cover image for this book in the next few weeks. My life has made so many changes recently that it has slowed down my writing considerably. I am now working full time in a new job, which I love, but it does mean that I don't have the time I used to be able to devote to writing.
Unfortunately this is something that most writers have to deal with. Our writing work simply doesn't pay the bills for most of us. I am very lucky. I have found a job and a place that I love working. It has been a joy for me to go back to full time employment. There are many writers that would love to give up their day job and be able to write full time, but simply can't afford to.
I would love it if this could change. It is generally down to more and more books being offered for free and many readers not willing to pay for a book anymore, or will only buy it on discount. Hopefully this trend will change. If we don't support our writers, how can we expect them to have the time to continue to create the entertainment we love to enjoy? After all, nobody expects to work for hours for free. Yet many authors do.
Books also cost money to produce, which is something I think most readers don't realise. An author has to pay for things like professional editing, covers, etc. It takes a lot of hard work and effort to create one book and I think authors deserve the small amount of money that is requested for the opportunity to enjoy their work. Perhaps this is something that we can all make the effort to change in the future. I do my part. I always buy the books I wish to read and rarely read a free book (usually only when an author friend has requested for an honest review of their work). I know then that I have honoured the hard work and effort the author has put into their novel. I hope many readers will do the same.
In the meantime, I will continue to finish Jade's story. It isn't far from the end, I just need to get the time to finish it off, edit it and then release it. After her story is complete, I am thinking of starting a new series for Young Adults which is more of an adventure kind of a story, but I won't tell you more about that just yet!
For now, keep your eyes open for the cover reveal of Shadows in the Night and more information about the release date for this book. Have a great summer and happy reading.


  1. Love this post, Danielle. You're on the money. I enjoy writing passionately. But it doesn't pay the bills. And I now write full time because I'm recuperating. These months are the best times of my life.

    Readers have so many free downloads and cheap options.

    In future, I pray writers will get better support and reward.

    I wish you the best in your job and in completing Jade's story. Miss you dearly.


    1. I am finally back from my break! Boy, did I need it. I didn't realise how much until I was away. Thanks for your comments, Stella. I really hope that things will change, but I think it will have to be authors that help to change the trend. Most people will grab something for free, it's just human nature. We authors need to stick together to help each other to increase sales and promote readers buying our books.

      I have no idea when Jade's story will get finished. It is almost impossible for me to get time to write at the moment. I have so much else I have to do. Like you, I had time when I was writing full time, but that's over now. Books are going to be slow to come out. Sad, but just the way it is.

      I am still here, my friend. I always have time for you, it just takes me a little longer to get around to seeing posts etc. I will still be dropping by your lovely site. <3

  2. Hello Danielle, I hope you had a little rest this weekend. Just stopped by to cheer you on and to wish you the very best in your job and in writing Shadows in the Night.

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    Kindly spread the word. Have a blessed week.