Thursday, 1 May 2014

One Year On.....

One year ago, my husband bought me a laptop and told me he believed I was a writer. It was a dream I had had my whole life, but never thought I would achieve it. I was totally nervous, but filled with determination. He had so much faith in me, so why couldn't I have that belief in myself?
I sat down and started to write my very first book, Wild Fire. I'd had the idea for this novel for a long time, but had never written past the prologue. I kept on working on my book every day, never letting my doubts and fears stop me from developing the characters and the story. Finally, in July, I had completed my very first novel. Nervously, I published my work on Amazon.
A lot has happened to me in the year since then. When I first placed my work on the market, I felt like a fraud. It was odd to see a book up there with my name on it. One that was written by me from beginning to end. It was thrilling and terrifying all at the same time.
I immediately started work on my second book. Before I knew it, I was ready to publish this one as well. I was suddenly a two book author, yet I still didn't feel like one. I began to realise I needed to promote my work in a more proactive way. So I began this blog, a Facebook page, Twitter (which I am only just learning how to use!), google +, and later Pinterest.
Marketing was a huge challenge for me and in many ways, it still is. I think that is true for every author. But along the way, I have found many great new friends that have made this journey so much better. I am now the author of five books with my sixth well on the way. By the time I reach my one year anniversary for actually publishing my first book in July, I will definitely have six books to my name.
I am finally beginning to feel that I really am an author. I have many five star reviews for my work and feel so blessed to have received emails thanking me for my books (thank you to all who have written such lovely words to me over the year).
It has been an amazing first year. I would say to all budding authors or wannabes.........go for it. There is nothing like fulfilling your life's dream. Every day is a wonderful, exciting journey. I am so happy that my husband bought me this wonderful laptop and helped me begin my life as an author. Yep, I can finally say it without wincing. I am an Author!
Love to you all,
Danielle Rose-West


  1. Five books in year one? Bring out the champagne bottle and let us celebrate, Danielle. Congrats on achieving a great feat. You're an author for sure. Many wonderful reviews are still to come.

    It is amazing to have a supportive husband that has faith in you.
    Best wishes, Stella.

    1. Thanks, Stella. I have to say I never thought I would achieve so much in one year. It is amazing. Once I realised I could write a book, I was bitten by the bug and I just can't stop! My husband's faith in me, enough to buy me a laptop, was all the push I needed to really go for it and achieve my life's dream.

      Thanks for all your best wishes. You are one of the amazing friends I have found since I began to write. So glad we crossed paths.

    2. You're welcome, Danielle. You're a most precious friend, too. The pleasure is mine. You deserve the success.

      Good luck with the writing.